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Inox Paslanmaz Çelik (M5-M36) Din 912 Allen Civatalar Soket Kapak Civataları

Menşe Yeri:

Şanghay / Zhejiang, Çin

Marka adı:


Model numarası:

M5-M72, 1/4”--3”




Minimum sipariş miktarı:

200kg Veya İhtiyaca Göre


Boyut başına 0.1usd-0.5 usd

Paketleme Detayları:

Karton veya küçük pakette toplu, daha sonra palet

Teslim Süresi:

15-30 gün veya gerekli göre

Ödeme Koşulları:

TT,LC, Batı Birliği

Yetenek Kaynağı:


Inox Stainless Steel (M5-M36) Din 912 Allen Bolts Socket Cap Bolts Quick Detail:

1. Tüm Standart Öğeler İçin Stok, En Hızlı Lider
2. OEM ve ODM kabul edilebilir
3. Çin'den Allen Cıvata Tedarikçi ve İhracatçı
4. Uzman tavsiyesi ve çözümleri sağlamak için hazır bulunan son derece yetenekli ekipler

Best Stainless Steel Din 912 All Bolts Altıgen Cıvatalar, ve Hex Cap Vida Manufacturer in China- T&Y Hardware

When you need a most common fastener, you can use plenty of applications, reminding Stainless Steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Bolts. Stainless Steel hex başlı cıvatalar are a very standard and practical fastener for use in hardware. T&Y Hardware manufactures ISO: 9001-2015 quality standard, stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Boltss. As a leading prominent fastener manufacturing and supplying company, we offer a full line of a stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Bolts with six sides.
This stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Bolts is very straightforward and easy to install. Whether you use a socket tool or wrench, stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Boltss are very fast to install without hassle. It provides you a great experience while using for any home, business, commercial or industrial application. It can create a strong connection with washers and nuts. All of the size, diameter, and variant of grade 304 stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Boltss are available and ready to export in T&Y Hardware. T&Y Hardware offers high tensile stainless steel bolts, which have a higher tensile strength, produced by grade 316 stainless steel.

Export Ready High-Quality SS Hex Head Bolts and Stainless Steel Hex Screw by T&Y Hardware

We take a minimum time to ready or order to send for shipment. As a dedicated and complete solution of stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Boltss, you can order any custom specification according to your requirements. You can use our stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Boltss to the same diameter and thread size nut or hole. We have an intelligent warranty for your ss 304 Din 912 All Bolts Hex Bolts, and it is not going to get defective after a long time of use. Our quality certification can ensure to rely on T&Y Hardware.
Same with stainless steel Din 912 All Bolts Hex Bolts, T&Y Hardware exports a large selection of stainless steel hex head screws and stainless steel hex cap screws. These stainless steel hex head screws and hex cap screws can utilize the washer face. For your construction, industrial project and repairing machine part it is a very suitable and efficient fastener. T&Y Hardware manufactures all the sizes, varieties, and grades of stainless steel hex head screws for different grades and metals. According to your application uses, you can choose any diameter or specification from our large production. For your custom order, T&Y Hardware is always there to gives you the best experience.

T&Y Hardware- Get the Large Selection of Hex Cap Screw, Stainless Steel Metric Bolts with Custom Requirement

T&Y Hardware continuously researches and develops the fastener to improve the quality and user experience. For your better user experience, we design our stainless steel hex head screws and cap screws so they can fit a ratchet or spanner wrench. So it easier for you now to make the screw more tighten into your project. It can work perfectly for your bolted joint. We have all the grade for stainless steel hex head screws, bolt and cap screws so that you can find all of the variants for your every use, such as small engines, wood components repairs and maintenance, and other construction projects.
Our stainless steel metric Allen head bolts come with the ability to fight against corrosion. It is more corrosion resistant than other stainless steel bolts. All different lengths, sizes, head styles, and materials are also available to export with m7 stainless steel Allen bolts.







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