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Karbon Çelik ve Paslanmaz Çelik Somunlar

Karbon Çelik ve Paslanmaz Çelik Somunlar

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Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587 Fin altıgen Somunlar

Menşe Yeri:

Şanghay / Zhejiang, Çin

Marka adı:


Model numarası:





Minimum sipariş miktarı:

200kg Veya İhtiyaca Göre


Boyut başına 0.3usd-0.5 usd

Paketleme Detayları:

Karton veya küçük pakette toplu, daha sonra palet

Teslim Süresi:

15-30 gün veya gerekli göre

Ödeme Koşulları:

TT,LC, Batı Birliği

Yetenek Kaynağı:


Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587 Fin hexagon Nuts Quick Detail:

1. Tüm Standart Öğeler İçin Stok, En Hızlı Lider
2. OEM ve ODM kabul edilebilir
3. Altıgen fındık Çin'den Tedarikçi ve İhracatçı
4. Uzman tavsiyesi ve çözümleri sağlamak için hazır bulunan son derece yetenekli ekipler

T&Y Hardware Offers The Most Elegant Stainless 934 hex Nuts And Other Fastener:

Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587  is a standard fastener for industrial design. Metric hexagon nuts, often known as hexagon nuts, are the most widely used standard for metric hexagonal nuts. They are utilized in a wide variety of applications where a metric nut is required. DIN standards are established for a wide range of components, including industrial fasteners, by the German Institute for Standardization. T&Y Hardware offers hexagon full nut sizes M2 to M48 in grades 8.8 or 10.9 in mild steel, brilliant zinc plated finish, or galvanized grade 8.
Shanghai T&Y Hardware Industry Co. Ltd. is one of the most extensive fasteners manufacturing companies in China. We always provide high-quality all grade stainless steel Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587  hex nuts. In the absence of ISO equivalents or where standardization is not required, DIN standards are nevertheless applied for items that do not meet the requirements of ISO standards. For the past 19 years, we have solely concentrated on the manufacturing and development of fasteners. T&Y Hardware rigorously tests all of our hexagon nuts by the ISO 9001/2015 standard.

T&Y Hardware Offers A Wide Selection Of Stainless Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587  Hexagon Nuts With A Cost-Effective Price:

T&Y Hardware places a high value on both quality and variety. We have almost 15 years of professional working experience in exporting fasteners. We manufacture and supply a full selection of stainless Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587  hexagon nuts of any type or size. We have a huge production capacity to meet your significant quantity demand.
T&Y Hardware has about 2500 square meters manufacturing factory. So we can manufacture nearly 500 Ton fastener in a single month. We also have a vast stock Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587  hex nuts, which is ready to go for fast shipping to anywhere in the world. We have 10 years of professional experience working with the number one hardware company in the United States. We interact with customers from 343 different companies that are active in 39 other countries. T&Y Hardware is a one-stop-destination for all types of Din558 Din6914 din934 ISO4032 UNI5587  hex nut.
We are a long-term partner as a supplier for three of the largest furniture companies in Europe. So our Fastener is more trustworthy and reliable to use for any operation. Our senior engineers have more than ten years of experience working for the R&D department. T&Y Hardware has a qualified quality control team that tests raw materials, half-finished products, and finished products according to ISO9001 standards.

T&Y Hardware Manufactures The Most Acceptable DIN 93 Hexagon Nut With High Efficiency And Reliability:

Free samples are available at T&Y Hardware, and trial orders are accepted. Ordering our stainless DIN 934 hex nut is simple and may be done in a variety of quantities. We provide free samples as well as online customer assistance 24/7. We'll complete with 100 percent exporting Standard Strong Cartons with Wooden Pallets to complete our lineup.
Consequently, you won't have to worry about our DIN 934 hexagon nut's after-sales service or overall quality. T&W Hardware is a seasoned maker of fasteners with years of expertise. For the past nineteen years and counting, we have been manufacturing high-quality fasteners. We take all steps necessary to ensure that the excellent quality of our products is maintained.







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